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Why you should become a

PAMM Fund Manager

Set up your accounts and benefit from unrivalled flexibility

Trading Security

With our PAMM program, all your trades are protected from being copied.

We Notice Your Success

Your trading results are showcased on our website for all to see, gives you the chance to expand your portfolio further.

Maximum Control

Easy control over all investment sizes. You don't need to perform any complicated profit calculations for your investors


Positions are automatically readjusted following a withdrawal by an Investor whenever necessary.
This is an industry first!

Get Alerts

Be alerted before new deposits are funded into your account. Our deposit alerts allow you to plan new positions on your account.

4 simple steps to a reliable investment!

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PAMM Manager

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Fund Manager Benefits

Get Success Fee

You will get a Performance Fee
for your successful trading strategy

Ultimate Security

All your trading strategies are yours.
We'll never share them with anyone

Exceptional PAMM Tools

MFM Securities gives you all the tools you need to manage your portfolio

Receive Recognition

We'll showcase the best Fund Managers, giving you more clients