Frequently Asked Questions

General Info - PAMM Account

What is a PAMM account?

Percentage allocation money management or PAMM is a pooled trading account system. PAMM allows Investors to earn without having to trade. Investors are given the chance to choose their own preferred Account Manager, who will be responsible for trading and create high returns for you, the investor. The Account Manager will receive a percentage from investor profit earned as a reward for managing the account.

What is a PAMM portfolio?

A PAMM portfolio is several PAMM accounts rolled into one. Thanks to the ability to select PAMM accounts with various portfolios, this form of investment provides the perfect way to secure your investments. By investing with us, you will be able to see lists of available PAMM Account Managers and their ranking, which includes the Last Week Return, Last Month return, All-time Return and Number of Investors.

Who is an 'Account Manager'?

Account Manager is the entity responsible for conducting trading from the deposit invested by Investor. Account Managers can also open a PAMM account and invest a certain amount of funds in it (manager's capital). The Account Manager creates a proposal, where the terms of cooperation are defined, including the manager's remuneration; the fee and investment limit.

Who is an 'Investor'?

Investors can assess the effectiveness of different PAMM Account Managers by looking at the ranking, and select an account to invest. When the Account Manager achieves a positive trading result, the Investor makes a profit, paying out a percentage of this to the Account Manager as a token of appreciation.

PAMM Investor

How can I open a PAMM account?

First, you need to register an account with MFM Securities at After verifying your account registration through a successful login, click "PAMM Accounts" - "Invest" once you have chosen the PAMM Manager that you want to invest. Provide ‘Initial Information’ required, which includes the ‘Investment Amount’. The ‘Investment Amount’ will differs among PAMM Managers as this is manually set up by the PAMM Managers themselves as one of their terms to invest under them.

How do I invest in a PAMM account?

Before you could invest, you should deposit a certain amount in your account. Next, you would be able to transfer a deposit straight into your PAMM account.

The deposit execution is subject to approval and the term set by the Account Manager; which will be available either within an hour or one day as set beforehand by your Account Manager.

Where can I see my current investments?

You can keep track of your investments through "My Investments" tab, available from the main menu. This does not only limit to your investments, but you may also keep track of your Account Manager's transactions and the performance of the PAMM Account.

Would I be able to get high returns through investing in a PAMM account?

The potential of the Forex market is unlimited. You can earn high returns by investing in a PAMM account or PAMM portfolio without being skilled at trading. Wait no more - be an Investor with MFM Securities now!

How will the profits made from the investment be shared between me as the Investor and the PAMM Manager?

When you invest with your chosen PAMM Managers, they will set their preferred Manager Fees in a percentage. They will receive their shares of profit based on the rate set by them. You may also see your Current Share available based on your selected investment made. Login at MFM Securities vault - 'My Investments', and you can view the details of your current investment such as Nickname of the PAMM Managers that you invest in, PAMM Balance, PAMM Equity, Total Investments, Current Share, Current Balance, Current Equity and Current Profit or Loss.

Can I withdraw my funds and profits from my PAMM account?

Yes, you can withdraw your funds and profits from your PAMM account. A total of one (1) time withdrawal per day is allowed. This is to protect the PAMM Manager's current position in the market. As the more prolonged the fund available in the account, the higher the spread will be and more profits for the Investor – yes, that means you! Please also remember that if your PAMM Manager still has a floating position, your withdrawal request might be declined. Should you wish to view your available amount of withdrawal, click 'My Investment' - 'Accounts Overview' - 'Available for Withdrawal'.

What will be the currency available to invest in a PAMM account?

The currency used for PAMM account is only United States Dollar (USD). The deposit and withdrawal amount will also be in USD. Since we are expanding, our team are seeing a bright future to enable more currency soon!

What is meant with 'Minimum Share Amount'?

It means the minimum balance that should be available in your PAMM account. This depends on your chosen PAMM Manager as we allow the PAMM Managers to set their preferred amount; it could be as minimum as USD 1, and if you wish to withdraw all your fund, you can select to withdraw everything including your minimum share amount.

How much can I invest in my PAMM Account?

You can invest as much as you want as long as it doesn’t exceeds the investment limit set up by your chosen PAMM Manager; this could be varied with other PAMM Managers, and there would be different minimum and maximum amount of investment made available for you.

How do I select the best PAMM Manager for my PAMM account?

Our main tip for you! Under 'PAMM Menu' - 'PAMM Accounts' - click any ‘nickname’ of the 'PAMM Manager' that you would like to see their portfolio. At the 'Risk Assessment' section - click 'Profit Factor.' Profit Factor should give you a clue on the performance of that particular PAMM Manager. When the value is '1.0' and above, it shows that the performance of that selected PAMM Manager is a profitable trader; the higher the value, the higher the performance. When the value states 0.9 and below, it is considered as a loss trader.

Past results are not an indicator of future performance! MFM Securities provides the PAMM service to managers and investors but is in no way involved in the management of accounts. MFM Securities takes no part in the management of funds invested by clients in the PAMM account service.

What does the medal icon resemble in the 'Remarks' section?

Another genius tip for you to look at! The medal icon should provide you with the info that such PAMM Manager won a contest conducted by us. Open the portfolio of the PAMM Manager with a medal icon - click on' Client's area remarks (click to expand)' - move your cursor to the medal icon and a pop-up notification will appear that provides the information on what contest won by that PAMM Manager. This also indicates that such PAMM Manager is active – a cookie point for you!

Is it possible if I want to invest with multiple PAMM Managers?

Yes! Different PAMM Managers uses different techniques to create higher profits. You might want to look out for other PAMM Managers too and invest with various PAMM Managers for your PAMM account.

PAMM Manager

How do I create PAMM account with MFM Securities?

A PAMM Manager can control the funds of other investors, earning a percent of any profit on the account, depending upon the success of their trading.

To create your own PAMM Account:

  • Log in MFM Securities vault
  • From the main menu, choose and click the tab "Become PAMM Manager".
  • Select the type of PAMM Account you wish to open and the currency denomination “USD”.
  • When you open a PAMM Account, you should choose whether you would like it to be public or private and fill in the investment details for your setting.

The account is activated within 24hours and when you have deposit minimum fund USD 200.

What is a public and private PAMM account?

Public PAMM Accounts appear in the PAMM Accounts ratings on our site. When this type of account is opened, a thread is automatically created in the MFM Securities Vault where the manager can connect with current and potential investors. Before you can register a public PAMM Account, you will need to be registered with MFM Securities Vault. The public PAMM Account is designed for managers who wish to actively seek investment.

Private PAMM Accounts do not appear in the PAMM Accounts ratings on our site. They do not have their own thread on the Forum. The private PAMM Account allows managers to try out the PAMM Service and work out new trading strategies while limiting client interaction. Private PAMM Managers are not required to respond to investor questions in the MFM Securities PAMM Account.


  • The first time you make a PAMM Account public, you will need to choose a nickname for the PAMM Platform. The nickname you choose will be permanently tied to your PAMM account.
  • The next time you make a PAMM Account public, you will be assigned the same nickname you chose for the first account.

How do I as “PAMM Manager” make a top up to my PAMM Account?

A Managers Investment Account is an account that is designed to allow a trader to add his own, or private investors, capital to his PAMM Account.

If the trader wants to increase the amount of his own investment in the PAMM Account, he should deposit funds to his Managers Investment Account.

To do this, you should:

  • Log in to MFM Securities Vault.
  • Go to the My Investment.
  • Select the Current Investment.
  • Click Invest and select “Invest From”.
  • Enter the amount you wish to deposit, and then click “Submit”.
  • The deposit transaction will be processed within 24hours.

How do I make a withdrawal from my manager PAMM account?

A PAMM trader can only withdraw his/her share in the account which is not involved in trades. This to protect investors from the risk of their fund’s withdrawal by a PAMM trader.

To make a withdrawal:

  • Log in to MFM Securities Vault.
  • Go to the My Investment.
  • Select the Current Investment.
  • Select the withdrawal method.
  • Enter the amount you wish to withdraw, and then click submit.
  • The withdrawal transaction will be processed within 24hours.

Only ONE withdrawal transaction allowed per day.

How can I change My Manager account type?

The Manager account cannot be changed as per default. Manager can open new PAMM account to start with new account type.

What is the best PAMM Investment parameter to choose the best manager?

We can define statistics as a collection of facts belonging to a collection of events in trading activities. Risk management rules will not only protect you, but they can make you very profitable in the long run. This is the confession for every single statistic in PAMM investment.

Average loss trade refers to the average loss value per a trade (the total of losses divided by the number of losing trades).

Average profit trade refers to the average profit value per a trade (the total of profits divided by the number of winning trades).

Days opened refers to the amount of days since the PAMM opened.

Equity refers to the current PAMM equity.

Expected payoff refers to this is a statistically calculated value showing the average return of one deal. Also, it is considered to display the expected return of the next trade.
Length of Trading history refers to the amount of days since the first trade opened

Loss trades (% of total) refers to the amount of losing trades and their percentage in the total trades.
Manager's Capital refers to the amount of money invested by the manager into his own PAMM.
Number of investors refers to the number of current PAMM investors.
Percentage deals with SL refers to the amount of trades with set SL level.
Profitability refers to the amount of days when profit > loss.
Profit Factor refers to the ratio between gross profit and gross loss in per cents. The 1 (one) value means that profit equals to loss.
Profit Trades (% of total) refers to the amount of profitable trades and their percentage in the total trades.

I am a PAMM trader. Can I change the commission I take for managing the invested funds?

The size of the commission charged is set by you just once when registering with the PAMM system and can be changed after 30 days afterwards.

What is ‘Manager Fee’?

High water mark commission fee system refers to a commission system where management fees are only payable if the Performance of the PAMM Account at the time of calculation exceeds the previous performance at the time when the Management Fee was previously paid to the PAMM Manager. The first Management Fee will be payable when the previous highest Performance level is reached

"Profit different" calculates as (Current Profit – Maximum Previous Profit). If (Profit Different > 0 and current Profit > 0) the system pays commission to the manager.

Commission = Profit different * user Share * manager fee percent / 100

PAMM Manager Fee Percent = 10%
Profit = 200
Previous profit = 150
Profit different = 50
User share = 25% = 0.25
Commission = 50 * 0.25 *10/100 = 1.25

The PAMM Investment shares calculation.

The following rules apply to the calculation of shares of PAMM Account Participants (Investors and Manager)

1. When calculating the shares of the participants of a PAMM Account, at the moment of calculation, the total amount of Funds on the PAMM Account is considered as 100%.

2. The share of each participant of a PAMM Account is expressed in percent and calculated as a proportion of the funds of each participant to the total amount of Funds of the PAMM Account.

PAMM Account at the moment of calculation:

Share = equity * share coefficient where
Share coefficient – the current share of the investor in %

Equity – equity of PAMM Account

Any deposit or withdrawal to/from the PAMM Account results in a recalculation of shares of all participants of the PAMM Account.

Introducer Broker

How much is the percentage that I would receive as the Introducer Broker?

As your reward for introducing a client to invest with a PAMM Manager, you will receive 5% of the PAMM Manager's fee based on the investment profit made. Here's an example of how we would calculate for you:

Profit earned by PAMM Manager: USD500
5% reward for Introducer Broker: 5% x USD500 = USD25

This will not only be your one-time reward, each time a profit made; you will receive another 5%!

You can access both of our platforms from a single MFM Securites account.