Your solution to invest with ease. Make your own decision with who you would like to invest.

How To Open A PAMM Investor Account?

Step 01

Register and verify profile.

Log in to MFM Securities vault

Step 02


Click 'Open Live Account'. Create any type of trading account and deposit.

Step 03


Go to PAMM Menu and click 'PAMM Accounts'. Choose your preferred manager.

Step 04


Click on the 'invest' button to start investing.

Choose our PAMM

Our available PAMM Managers offers different terms. You can always choose the ones that suits your investment needs.



This refer as borrowed capital to increase the potential returns. We offer leverage from 1:1 until 1:500, which one would you prefer?


Investment Amount

We allow the most minimal possible amount for deposit. Now you can start by investing smaller amount as a start and go larger later!


Manager Fee

Profits earned will be shared with your PAMM Manager also as we believe every hard work should be rewarded. A percentage set by PAMM Managers will be their portion and the rest will be shared with Investors, yes – you!



To make your investment worth it to the max, we share with you Portfolios of PAMM Managers. You can view their performance and select anyone that you want.


Multiple Investment

Wanting to invest in more than just one PAMM Manager? Yes! We allow you to invest in multiple PAMM Manager! Just choose and click invest.

More Benefits for You

Ultimate Security

Exceptional PAMM Tools

All your trading strategies are yours. We'll never share them with anyone.

MFM Securities gives you all the tools you need to manage your Portfolio.

Receive Recognition

We'll showcase the best PAMM Manager, giving you more clients.

You can access both of our platforms from a single MFM Securites account.