How PAMM Works

We offer you a simple solution to create limitless income by investing with us.

Investment Made Easy.

Let's simplify the process for you!


Open a PAMM Account

Activates the account by depositing the Manager’s Capital

Set term for investment; which includes Leverage(we offer until 1:500!), Manager Fee and Minimum Investment Amount(could be as low as USD1!)


Register an account

Choose preferred PAMM Manager based on their performance through Portfolios of PAMM Managers; different PAMM Managers will offer different terms!


PROFITS made are divided according to shares agreed prior to investment made!

Top PAMM Manager of the week

Unlimited potential returns, and the ability to spread your risk with minimal deposits.

Manager of the week





Week return 

** The Top PAMM Manager is rate based on previous week performance and is        updated weekly on Monday

4 Simple Steps To A Reliable Investment!

Create an account with us

Choose your own preferred

PAMM Manager

Secure your deposit

Receive limitless income