Account Terminology



Success Fee

The percentage of any profit made for the Investor that is payable to the Manager as his Success Fee.


Displays the performance statistics and rankings of HotForex PAMM Managers.


Shows the size of your investment account relative to the total PAMM Manager Account.

Add Funds

Move funds from your myHF to the chosen trading account.

Remove Funds

Move funds from your investment account to your myHF.


See all transaction history. Pending Withdrawals can be cancelled from here


Total trades closed on the account.

Pending Withdrawals

Withdrawals yet to be processed. If not cancelled, they will be processed at cut off time.

Show Investors

View all Investor accounts under the PAMM Manager Account.


If your PAMM account is listed under PAMM Account Rankings and open to the public for investment.


If an account is active then it is open for investment. If Manager’s Capital falls below the minimum deposit the account becomes inactive.

 Trading Period

Minimum time period for new Investors to maintain their funds under a specific PAMM Fund Manager account.

You can access both of our platforms from a single MFM Securites account.